Monday, July 22, 2019

Give Way To This Bento Momma!

Now that my son is already 2 years old, we're thinking of enrolling him to a summer class next year to see if he's gonna be ready for school. I honestly have mixed emotions about it. The thought of my kid going to school is a wake-up call that my kid is growing fast...too fast! 😂

Anyhoo! It's still a chapter in his life that I can't stop so the best way to deal with my upcoming sepanx is to prepare him delicious and creative lunch box meals. I never experience having a creative baon when I was a kid. So my mom goal is to for him to have this memory that he's excited about his baon and his mom was a badass bento maker making his meals awesome!

Since Rigel is too young, I don't have means to practice my bento meals so I told my husband I'll be preparing his lunch in bento-style. He can't complain. 😂

Most of the tools I bought were from Daiso and Japan Homes. It's pretty cheap compared to purchasing online (it depends what tool you're looking for though).

My basic tools are cookie-cutter, toast stamp, rice mold, nori puncher, food picks.

So what's my first bento creation? I can imagine myself cringing when I visit this post after a few months or years from now.

Share your first bento creation 😄

Monday, March 13, 2017

In My Womb 3D 4D Experience

When I learned I my baby's gender in my 5th month of pregnancy, I was lamenting over the idea of getting a 3D4D scan to take a sneak peak of my little bundle of joy. Due to budget constraints, we thought it would be practical for us to skip the 3D4D but when I changed my OB and hospital (this is saved for another post), I convinced my partner to have the scan since we will have extra funds then.

So I did my research and checked on reviews from forums and blogs and found out that In My Womb and W.O.M.B (World of My Baby) provides great service which is just located in the heart of Ortigas. I sent a private message to both facilities and both were professional and polite in answering my questions. However, I felt that WOMB needs extra personalized and rapport with possible customers. The answers that were given to me were kind of a template that it felt that they just want to end any inquiries asap unlike IMW, they offer suggestions what's the best package to avail etc.

WOMB is cheaper than IMW but with the customer service experience I had, I opted to pick In My Womb Megamall branch. Another factor that I considered when chose In My Womb was that they will allow copying the pictures and videos in a USB flash drive. I learned that you'll need to wait for at least 5-7 days to get the CD/DVD and if I provide a new flash drive, I should be able to get it within the day! WOMB on the other hand, doesn't allow flash drives.

I was able to set an appointment and it's a good thing I did because the time I finished my scan, the place was filled up with expecting parents. You'd be asked to empty your bladder before the procedure. The scan takes around 10-30 minutes depending on the position of the baby. My baby known to be shy type even on typical monthly checkups was not facing towards us so I had to change lying to my sides for him to get moving.

Our little bundle of joy
When I got my flash drive, it contained 64 files containing pictures and videos :) I'd say In My Womb Basic 3D4D package is totally worth it :)

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snug A Hug: A Pregnant's Bestfriend

Around my 4th month, I started having troubles sleeping on my back. For the life of me, finding the best position to sleep when you're pregnant was one of the most difficult task at night. I read that ideally, pregnant moms should lie on their left side for better blood circulation but I always get a ngalay feeling after a few hours and then I'd wake up with a sore shoulder.

That's when I learned that there's a pillow that's locally made and catered for pregnant women and can be used as a nursing pillow too! Nursing pillows are quite expensive so when I learned that Snug A Hug is suitable for prenatal/postnatal care, I knew I needed this.

I tried to order from their official page but it seems that if I wanted to have it shipped to my address which is outside MM, there's a possibility that I have to pick it up in the nearest postal office. I find it inconvenient so I tried my luck at Lazada. It costed me 2,300 (free shipping)

My experience with the delivery for this item is not pleasant but that's a different story. As for the product itself, I fell in love with it. It can support any position I want to the point I don't need my other pillows! It's firm yet comfortable!

If you're one of those who's having a hard time finding the best position to sleep, I strongly suggest you try this product out. No regrets!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

First Trimester: Transvaginal Ultrasound

When I got pregnant, the first thing that I was excited to do was an ultrasound. I thought that all ultrasounds are done by just having this equipment that the OB uses to scan your abdomen but I was wrong. The transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) is not as comfortable as I expected. The OB will recommend a TVS to see if the embryo is attached securely to your uterus and since it's too small to detect, TVS is recommended.

I had my TVS performed as Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital and it costs roughly 700+. It's way cheaper than those from other hospitals which range to 1k-2k+. Before the procedure, you'll be asked to urinate first to make sure your bladder is empty. I'm not sure why but maybe because the wand will be inserted into your vagina, it may make you pee?

Anyway, the whole procedure is done in less than 10 mins. You'd be asked about your last menstruation period. If there's a heartbeat already, the OB should be able to see it. 

Here's a snapshot of my baby in his ultrasound via TVS. Overall, I had 3 TVS.

Tip: Ask your OB if you can record the whole procedure, it's a good keepsake :)

Sept 28: I learned I have a submucosal myoma, the darker circle is my baby

Oct 11 - We finally saw my baby has a heartbeat already :)
Nov 24 - My last TVS where we saw my baby is more than a dot already

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lollibooze: Alcosticks on the go

From childhood, we Pinoys were fond of cheap yet delicious foods. On a hot summer afternoon, the typical merienda or dessert would be ice candy in variant flavors - buko, mango, milo to name a few. You can typically buy ice candy from 2-5 pesos which kids can really afford.

Fast forward from your childhood, you became enlightened to enjoy to alcohol, beer, having good time with friends. Now, there is a product launching very soon that will bring out your childhood memories in a more adult way.

LIKR Creative Foods came up with a product bringing ice candy to a new level. Lollibooze is an alcostick that looks like your typical ice candy but gives you that kick of alcohol. It may take several Lollibooze to get you drunk though but hey, the flavors are made from authentic liqour and ingredients. The best part, they are super affordable with price ranging from 50-80 pesos! That's way cheaper that getting those shots from your favorite bartender. 

Lollibooze can be part of your party with friends or even a company event. You don't need to get everyone drunk but get that party going and bring some fun! If you're interested in ordering Lollibooze, send then an email to:

Lollibooze comes in 3 flavors - Mo hit me Mojito, Bae'lys, Jacoola.