Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lazada: Beauty Spa Portable Sauna

One late December afternoon while browsing channels in the TV, I saw a TV shopping channel featuring portable sauna which claims to help boost weight loss and detoxify the skin. I was amazed of course so I did some research whether this will indeed help. After browsing through forums, blogposts and reviews it was made clear that you cannot depend your weight loss by using sauna alone. So my expectations were made clear, the sauna will only help but excercise and diet is required.

It took me quite sometime before I decided to purchase a portable sauna. I've looked in OLX if it's much cheaper there but it's not since you still need to pay for the shipping fee so I decided to browse in Lazada. I was not disappointed because I was able to find several portable sauna in various prices and freebies. The transaction was smooth. After you make the payment you will be updated via email and text about your order. I was supposed to receive my order either Thursday or Friday but was able to receive it by Wednesday!

Setting up the sauna is easy:

  • Add water in the steamer not beyond it's maximum level. There's an indicator don't worry :)
  • Plug the tube/hose with black end pointing towards your sauna case. Connect the second tube to the black end which should be inside the case and to the smaller steamer.
  • Put a monoblock or any wooden/plastic chair inside.
  • Set the steamer's knob to WORK. Wait for 5-8 mins.
  • Step inside and relax.
To store your sauna just make sure that everything is dry before you put it in the bag. So far my experience is good. It's relaxing. I get to watch the TV while sweating, detoxifying my skin and I think this is better than just watching TV alone :)

Do you have a portable sauna at home? How was it? Share your experience :)

A return slip is included in the package incase you need it to be replaced
Contents: Steamer with a 3 slanted prong (you'll need an adapter),Tubes, manual,
sauna case, massager (broke), cd manual

Setting this up is easy even a kid can do it :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Metrodeal: Rejuvenating Facial Diamond Peel with Facial Massage, Cold Treatment & Mask at Dermabest for P149 instead of P1200

Last December 2014, I purchased a voucher from Metrodeal for a facial diamond peel.

The branch I availed was the one in Dermabest, Cainta Rizal. A day before my preferred date, I made a reservation for 1pm (1pm is the operating hour of this branch and if you want to leave quickly, being the first customer is the best). When making a reservation, just make sure you have the copy of your voucher since you will need to give the voucher and security code.

The day came and I was looking forward for the diamond peel. We were offered to have a facial cleaning + diamond peel (from the voucher) but we opted to stick to the voucher. The whole procedure lasted 45 mins, a bit short than I expected probably because there is no cleaning but so far Php 150 deal was worth it.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Healthy Living: Week 1-3

Biggest loser was our mini-fun game with my officemates, Our goal is just to lose weight and the prize - a healthier and fitter/sexier you! So every Monday we have a weigh-in - well it really depends if you want to check your weight everday but based on the blogs and articles I found on the net, at least having a specific date and time for checking your weight is ideal. Why? Our weight will vary eveyday and if you see that you gained some you'd feel bad about it so it's better to stick to a schedule.

Okay so here goes:
My starting weight: 208.33 lbs / 94.6kgs

Jan 5: 208.33 lbs / 94.6 kgs
Jan 12: 205.25 lbs / 93.1 kgs
Jan 19: 204.5 lbs / 92.8 kgs
Jan 26: 202.16 lbs/ 91.7 kgs (Yup just in 1 day after Zumba and walking)

So as of Jan 27 - 3 weeks after we started, I already lost 6.17 pounds

What sorcery is this?

  1. I removed rice from my meals. I sometimes give in to cravings specially when it's Adobo, Sinigang but I make sure it's not more than 1/2 cup.
  2. Do not starve yourself. This is a common mistake people who are desperate to lose weight. It just fcks up your metabolism.
  3. Excercise. Due to my injury, my physical activities are limited to walking and light jogging. When I mean light, I have to stop in 10 secs because of my knee. I'm still heavy for my bones to carry my body weight.
  4. Water. Lots of it. Avoid softdrinks and canned juices you'd be surprised how much calories it has
  5. Use a calorie counter and link your fitness apps. I use My Fitness Pal, it's pretty good considering the amount of data they have in their database it even includes Pinoy dishes! Link Endomondo or Running Tracker to it. It can get you motivated.
  6. Surround yourself with people who are willing to support you all the way to your journey.

I'm back and there's a big change. Join me in my journey.

From such a long hiatus and a 360 degree overhaul in my personal life, I am now officially back on track. I no longer play Perfect World, I just got tired of the game. Perfect World PH is really slow in providing updates that long time gamers like me got bored eventually. I still play mobile and iPad games though but I may tackle a thing about it in the future.

This comeback post is about how a typical gamer like me woke up one day and realize that I need to take care of my health. Yes, I'm a chick on the heavy side (I prefer not to post pictures for now until the people around me sees the result). This has been my issue since I gained the fats due to an accident I had way back when I was in highschool. My left knee got dislocated (ACL) which prevented me to be as sporty than I used to before.

Now that I'm 31 yrs old, I'm still on the heavy side...make that heavier. From 50 kgs, I went to 94kgs. Damn. Like any fat girl, finding clothes for me is a challenge that's why I was never really fond of shopping for clothes. Finding a brassiere is also hard. I hate annual physical exams because I kept on hearing the same thing that I'm obese. Then I realized, I'm not getting any younger. If I want to have a family, get pregnant and live long for my family I need to take care of myself.

 They said it's easier and more fun to lose weight with friends. I'm glad I was able to finally find a group of people who are willing to support each other towards our healthy goal. Yes, we've heard jokes "sa umpisa lang yan" "diet diet sus!" but the good thing about is we don't mind it and take it as a challenge instead. So please, even it bores you for now and you don't have plans to get healthier yet feel free to read and follow my blog and join me in my healthy living journey or might as well share your adventures too!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clan Headquarters: Clan Quiz Q&A

To be clear, most of the question and answers here are from PWI. Though they are similar, some names of places or items are different from what we know here. I'm still in the process of updating it to be applicable for Perfect World PH.

I've collated all the questions I encounter during the clan quiz. Most of the time, 4 out of 6 characters encounters the same question so I'm having a hard time updating this. If you encounter some questions which are not yet "translated" for PW PH, feel free to add it in the comments (adding your server and IGN is welcome for acknowledgment)

Faction Exam Questions and Answers for level 1 and 2 Clan HQ:


Clan Quiz Questions and Answers for level 1:

Q. Which is not a clan facility?
A. Hall of Brave

Q. What is the name of the point that a clan hq will earn whenever it gains a new level? the point used to increase the aspect levels of Clan HQ?

A. Technology Point

Q. Which of the conditions must you maintain every three days in order to prevent the destruction of the clan HQ?

A. Clan Health Points

Q. Players can obtain contribution by doing which quest?
A. Clan Quest