Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snug A Hug: A Pregnant's Bestfriend

Around my 4th month, I started having troubles sleeping on my back. For the life of me, finding the best position to sleep when you're pregnant was one of the most difficult task at night. I read that ideally, pregnant moms should lie on their left side for better blood circulation but I always get a ngalay feeling after a few hours and then I'd wake up with a sore shoulder.

That's when I learned that there's a pillow that's locally made and catered for pregnant women and can be used as a nursing pillow too! Nursing pillows are quite expensive so when I learned that Snug A Hug is suitable for prenatal/postnatal care, I knew I needed this.

I tried to order from their official page but it seems that if I wanted to have it shipped to my address which is outside MM, there's a possibility that I have to pick it up in the nearest postal office. I find it inconvenient so I tried my luck at Lazada. It costed me 2,300 (free shipping)

My experience with the delivery for this item is not pleasant but that's a different story. As for the product itself, I fell in love with it. It can support any position I want to the point I don't need my other pillows! It's firm yet comfortable!

If you're one of those who's having a hard time finding the best position to sleep, I strongly suggest you try this product out. No regrets!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

First Trimester: Transvaginal Ultrasound

When I got pregnant, the first thing that I was excited to do was an ultrasound. I thought that all ultrasounds are done by just having this equipment that the OB uses to scan your abdomen but I was wrong. The transvaginal ultrasound (TVS) is not as comfortable as I expected. The OB will recommend a TVS to see if the embryo is attached securely to your uterus and since it's too small to detect, TVS is recommended.

I had my TVS performed as Taytay Doctors Multispecialty Hospital and it costs roughly 700+. It's way cheaper than those from other hospitals which range to 1k-2k+. Before the procedure, you'll be asked to urinate first to make sure your bladder is empty. I'm not sure why but maybe because the wand will be inserted into your vagina, it may make you pee?

Anyway, the whole procedure is done in less than 10 mins. You'd be asked about your last menstruation period. If there's a heartbeat already, the OB should be able to see it. 

Here's a snapshot of my baby in his ultrasound via TVS. Overall, I had 3 TVS.

Tip: Ask your OB if you can record the whole procedure, it's a good keepsake :)

Sept 28: I learned I have a submucosal myoma, the darker circle is my baby

Oct 11 - We finally saw my baby has a heartbeat already :)
Nov 24 - My last TVS where we saw my baby is more than a dot already