Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lollibooze: Alcosticks on the go

From childhood, we Pinoys were fond of cheap yet delicious foods. On a hot summer afternoon, the typical merienda or dessert would be ice candy in variant flavors - buko, mango, milo to name a few. You can typically buy ice candy from 2-5 pesos which kids can really afford.

Fast forward from your childhood, you became enlightened to enjoy to alcohol, beer, having good time with friends. Now, there is a product launching very soon that will bring out your childhood memories in a more adult way.

LIKR Creative Foods came up with a product bringing ice candy to a new level. Lollibooze is an alcostick that looks like your typical ice candy but gives you that kick of alcohol. It may take several Lollibooze to get you drunk though but hey, the flavors are made from authentic liqour and ingredients. The best part, they are super affordable with price ranging from 50-80 pesos! That's way cheaper that getting those shots from your favorite bartender. 

Lollibooze can be part of your party with friends or even a company event. You don't need to get everyone drunk but get that party going and bring some fun! If you're interested in ordering Lollibooze, send then an email to:

Lollibooze comes in 3 flavors - Mo hit me Mojito, Bae'lys, Jacoola. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

The week we found out we're pregnant

Since 2015, my partner and I have discussed plans of starting our own family. Honestly as a woman in my 30's, I was a bit pressured that I might not be able to conceive. I even had a half-meant joke "hinde na makakaantay egg cells ko" and of course there was my fear that I won't be able to bear my own child.

This 2016, since I moved in with my partner we've been constantly trying. He was working in a call center so our schedule and offs felt like we're living in the same house but different timezones. It's really challenging but then on my part I felt we shouldn't be panicking yet if we can't have a baby in our first year living together.

I made some research and took advice from friends,  I even looked for a specialist for reproductive health & infertility but when I was planning to visit the doctor, things got crazy with my personal life that I had to cancel my plans in visiting my doctor.

Then came the last week of September and my period was due. Normally, I would feel bloated along with back pains and a brown spotting but the day when I was supposed to have my 1st day, I didn't have it.

Deep inside I was praying "Sana po eto na" then I started researching what brand of pregnancy test I should use and when is the best day to test just to be. I've tested 3 times, yes 3 times because I'm that paranoid.

*Blue Cross*
I first stumbled upon Blue Cross Pregnancy Strip,it just costs 75 pesos. To use it, you just use the container that comes along with the package to catch your first morning urine and dip the strip. After seeing the result, I cried. I cried because I only saw 1 line but felt like I'm seeing 2 lines but the line is barely visible. I was thinking that my desire to have a child is too strong that I'm already imagining things. With my heart feeling defeated, I stared at the strip again and throw it in the trash bin.

After my PT that day, I still didn't have my period. This gave me hope that maybe just maybe, the first test was wrong or maybe I did it too early. I've read that it's advisable to try again a few days after missing your period and with a different brand just to be sure. So, I bought 2 Medic Pregnancy test kits that costs 110 each.

The next day, which is my 2nd day of missing my period. I ran a test again in the morning, this time the second line is much visible but still faint.

This time, I was positive that I'm 50% possibly pregnant. I started chatting with my closests female friends asking if the same thing happened with their tests. They were all positive and cheering that I'm probably pregnant and should wait another day to test.

I literally cried after seeing those 2 lines. When my partner came home, I told him the news and he's indeed happy.

I asked my partner to retrieve the Blue Cross so that I can have a remembrance :)

Mommy Gamer coming soon!

September 2010, that's the day that I finally decided to come up with my own blog. Finding the niche that I liked to tackle wasn't really that hard for me because I really love playing games and eating. However, at some point of my life I was really struggling to balance my work and personal life including blogging. I've attempted to go back from blogging last year but I failed.

So why come back? A life changing event came to me this September 2016 that motivated me to resurrect this blog, I learned that I'm pregnant. Join me in my new journey as I become a Mommy who still loves gaming aka Mommy Gamer.