Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clan Headquarters: Clan Quiz Q&A

To be clear, most of the question and answers here are from PWI. Though they are similar, some names of places or items are different from what we know here. I'm still in the process of updating it to be applicable for Perfect World PH.

I've collated all the questions I encounter during the clan quiz. Most of the time, 4 out of 6 characters encounters the same question so I'm having a hard time updating this. If you encounter some questions which are not yet "translated" for PW PH, feel free to add it in the comments (adding your server and IGN is welcome for acknowledgment)

Faction Exam Questions and Answers for level 1 and 2 Clan HQ:


Clan Quiz Questions and Answers for level 1:

Q. Which is not a clan facility?
A. Hall of Brave

Q. What is the name of the point that a clan hq will earn whenever it gains a new level? the point used to increase the aspect levels of Clan HQ?

A. Technology Point

Q. Which of the conditions must you maintain every three days in order to prevent the destruction of the clan HQ?

A. Clan Health Points

Q. Players can obtain contribution by doing which quest?
A. Clan Quest

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hun Ling Pet: Avatar of the Chaos Bringer

When you thought getting Avatar of the Life Giver was challenging, here's another pain in the arse quest for Hun Ling's in Perfect World Philippines. When I reached level 59, I eagerly finished my esteem so I can get my Avatar of the Chaos Bringer. Avatar of the Chaos Bringer or CraggLord in PWI is the last pet or summon for the mystics. There have been several debates in PWI forums whether maxing out the level of this pet is worth it since he can only be used when you have 2 chis/sparks and can only last up to 20 secs. Personally, I think maxing it out is a good idea since at level 1 the damage is outrageous leaving all my doubts aside of leveling it up.

Getting this pet is like looking for a needle in a haystack but then you can burn the haystack right? So my loudspeaker came in handy and I would like to thank ROXY of Calamity Clan for giving out the most sensible answer to my question.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hun Ling: Avatar of the Life Giver, I FINALLY Got You Now!

I love my Hun Ling ,™Kurenai™ even if I had to go through of doing quests from level 1, I must say it doesn't matter to me anymore not until yesterday. Getting my Avatar of the Life Giver or also known as Salvation was easy peasy when I played PWI, probably because everything was translated well but for the life of me, acquiring Avatar of the Life Giver wasn't an easy task for me to do in PWPH.

When I thought that Awakening of the Guardians was released with no flaws or at least near to perfection, we were bombarded with quests which are either not translated or can't be read in the quest log (literally).

For the benefit of my co-Hun Lings out there who hasn't received their Avatar of the Life Giver or currently doesn't know where to get it, here are some information that hopefully will save you from some pain in the arse.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook Fan Pages Timeline: Tough Challenge in Running Promotions

Timeline. For the love of Internet, what came across Zuckerberg's mind to come up with this? Seriously, I don't like it applied to my personal page. Yes, the images are eye-catching but reading my wall or a friend's wall is nerve wracking. At one point the latest post will be on the left side, the next thing you know it's on the right column...WTF?

To add up on my rants, on March 30, 2012 all fan pages will automatically get the new design (Timeline). With this update, online marketers and some businesses who mainly use FB to promote their site and products might encounter some challenges in terms of running promotions.

Perfect World: Clan Headquarters

As mentioned in my previous post, one of the best feature that Awakening of the Guardians (AoG) expansion will bring is the Clan Headquarters. Since PWI already have this since last year (geez, we really had to wait that long), I assume that the guide I found will work for Perfect World PH (I've taken some notes from PW PH's Official Site). It would take me some time to customize this guide to fit for the local version, I have this feeling it's either the name of the places and stuffs will be Chinese related, so for now stick with me.

So what does a clan headquarter do for the players?

The features and benefits of a clan headquarters include providing quest, selling gears, items, and potions, providing helpful buffs and being the battlefield. Woohoo!

To Create a Clan Headquarter:

• Must be the Master of a Level 3 Clan. (Speak with the Clan Administrator at Dragon City (595 665) to raise your Clan Level if you have not yet done so)
• Must have 1 Clan Headquarters Deed in your inventory. You can purchase a Clan Headquarters Deed from the Clan HQ Administrator.

The Clan Headquarters Deed costs:

 • 500 Mysterious Chips (Obtained from Mysterious Chip Packs and various in-game events)
 • 20 Perfect Vouchers (Trade 10,000,000 Yuan for one Voucher at the Bank Owner)
 • 2,000 Thousand-Machine Parts (Crafted using 5 Polished Lumber, 5 Tempered Steel, 5 Grindstone Powder and 5 Anthracite)
• 500 Misty Emblems (Obtained from monsters in the Misty City)

Important note: The Clan Headquarters Deed cannot be traded, dropped or placed in Account Storage, so make sure that the Clan Master is the character who crafts the item.

Basic Clan Headquarters Information

1.) HQ Level and Construction – Shows the Clan HQ’s current level and the amount of construction points currently invested. Once enough construction points are donated, the Clan Master can click the Upgrade button to increase the Clan HQ’s level.

2.) Resource Count – Shows the amount of resources currently invested. Resources are used to construct and upgrade Clan facilities.

In a later patch, Clans can attack each others’ HQ in order to pillage the resources within.

3.) Clan Technology Levels – Shows the investment of technology points. Each facility has a Technology Aspect prerequisite. You will need to raise that Aspect in order to construct higher-level Facilities.

Upgrading Faction Structures

Awakening of the Guardians, Wake up Now!

I've been playing Perfect World for more than 3 years now and like any other game, Perfect World launched several awesome patches that makes the players enjoy and support the game even more. For the past few months, Level Up! Games have been promoting the new expansion "Awakening of the Guardians". In the Perfect World International version, it's known as "Genesis". Awakening of the Guardians (AoG) will feature a new race - Earthguard, two new classes: seeker and mystic. Several areas and dungeons will be opened and new gears and guild bases will be available for all the players.

My Mystic with my ever reliable pet that buffs increased defense and absorbs damage for its caster.
The Mystic or better known as Hun Ling (Druid) is a magic-user. She has the ability to cast nature-based auras and summon powerful entities to assist her in combat. She is adept at focusing nature’s nurturing energies to heal and assist her allies. Hun Ling’s can be male or female.

The Seeker or better known as Jian Ling (Blademaster) focuses natural energies through sword forms to become a versatile fighter. His weapon can be infused with various arcane powers, which, in combination with heavy armor, makes him a fearsome force on any battlefield. Jian Ling can be male or female.