Thursday, December 8, 2011

Global Gutz n' Krocodile Grill to fill our guts

Last Oct.29, our group decided to do some outdoor activity and thanks to Cash Cash Pinoy, a group discount site, we were able to purchase vouchers worth Php 250 each for a PaintBall adventure at Global Gutz. This includes 40 bullets and if you can't get enough (I bet you can't) you can purchase additional bullets for Php 100.

We opted to go to their branch at CCP and the place technically is just an open field with barrel of drums and walls that serves as your "shield" during the game. We were advised that they have a shower room and lo and behold, they did have but it's not as pleasant as you think it is. It's more of a bathroom with drum filled with water which I dunno if there's a monster lurking somewhere in the deep and there's no electricity (after 6pm). So much for their advice. Well, I haven't been into their branch at the Fort and the way it was advertise, I guess The Fort is much better.

We arrived there around 3pm and we had to wait for the group who came early to finish their game. The equipments amazingly doesn't smell that bad at all. The bullet hurts like hell when it touches your bare skin but the adrenalin rush, sweat and fun was all worth it.

Since we were all dead hungry, we decided to grab some food and continue the bonding moment at Krocodile Grill, Greenbelt 3. We planned to drink and eat our hearts and guts out. For a Saturday night, the crowd was pretty fair. The place is ideal for eating and drinking plus the prices was fair enough.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kitchen Experiment: Baked Mussels Ain't Muscles

It's been an extremely long hiatus this blog has been to and yes, I'm back. I've been busy doing stuffs in real life and to make it up with my readers (if I indeed have one), I'll try to be more committed this time.

This recipe is quite overdue and I had to keep on taking pictures and eventually use it for my updates. To keep my mouth shut, here goes. Baked Mussels (Tahong, in our native tongue).

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitchen Experiment: Tilapia with Tofu and Tausi

I'm not really a fan of fish dishes, I preferred chicken as this is the easiest to cook (for me). We usually buy our lunch at Jollijeep and when I tried their Tilapia with Tausi, I instantly fell in love with it. It reminded me my childhood where I would cook tausi-based dishes for my late Tatay. So one weekend, I decided to relive those memories and cook this dish again.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hidden Message

Try this:

1. Ctrl + F
2. Type "6". Then highlight all
3. What's the highlighted message? Share my blog if you liked it :D


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Let's do the Macaroni, Macarena!

A common factor about us Filipinos is that we have fondness for anything sweet and even when it comes to dishes, pastas can't be left behind. When I was a kid [Yes, I was cooking at a young age of 9], Tatay would always request me to cook tomato based pasta dishes. Basil leaves, paprika, oregano and parmesan cheese have always been part of those dishes so I never really got the chance to appreciate the Filipino Style spaghetti/macaroni except when we go out and eat at Jollibee or McDonald's.

So now, whenever there's a special occasion or if I feel cooking a pasta dish, I always make sure I use a sweet blend base. I'm not meticulous when it comes to the brand of pastas coz' I believe it depends how well you cook it at the right texture. So, for those who are interested, here's my recipe :)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Don't give up!

When you're ready to give up, remember why you held on for so long and what it meant to you.

More Quotes...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 27 Quote of the Day

My back is not a voicemail. If you got something to say to me, say it to my face.

Some people act like jerks so they won't get hurt. Some people are jerks because they got hurt.

More quotes... ♥

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Perfect World Wedding: All things becomes possible in game

Weddings, ah who doesn't dream of having one? Ever since Perfect World launched this feature, several players have already attended the wedding ceremony. Some of the couples are partners in real life, while some are I guess still in the "mutual understanding" stage or just simply partners in crime. Well, some things in real life can be done in-game and vice versa and one of them is to have a wedding. Nonetheless, this wedding video gave me an idea what I want for my real life wedding minus the ex-boyfriend gate crashing:
Pretty cool huh? So, if you're planning to wed with your partner in-game just follow these steps:

Kitchen Experiment: Corned Beef with Potato n' Cabbage

I've been looking at our pantry and found several canned goods. At first, I thought of making sandwich spread but I wasn't able to find any bread and it's almost dinner time already so I decided to cook for dinner instead. I craved for Samba Brazilian Corned Beef (I don't really get what's so Brazilian about it and Brazilian wax comes into my mind instead). Canned goods indeed makes eating and cooking convenient for everyone but we shouldn't be stuck with the idea of eating it as is. So, I made an experiment and that is to incorporate veggies in canned goods to make it a healthier version. And here it is, my Corned Beef with Potato n' Cabbage:

Do they have this in Brazil?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

How To Enable Facebook Skype Video Chat

Video calls via Facebook are now possible! Can we now say goodbye to Skype? Personally, this is a big convenience compared to downloading and logging in to Skype or Yahoo Messenger and chat with your friend while Facebook is opened. Too many tasks I must say but with this feature, it made things somehow simplified.

So now you're in Facebook and wondering "How the hell do I make this work?" Relax, my dear buddy just follow these simple steps below:

1. Enable your account for video call by going to this link:
2. From your friends' list, select the person you want to video call with and click the video camera icon.
3. Click "Set Up" and a program will be downloaded automatically. This is the plug-in that will enable the feature and then simply run the program.
4. If the person you tried to call has not installed the plug-in yet, he/she will be prompted to do so. Once both parties have installed the plug-in, you may start video call!

Few facts found under their Help Center:

1. Video calling works best with the latest versions of the following browsers:

Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

2. To end a video call, just close the video window.

3. Just like with chat, only your confirmed friends can call you on Facebook. You also have the option to ignore any call you receive. [SEE! THAT'S WHY IT'S IMPORTANT THAT YOU ONLY ACCEPT REQUESTS FROM PEOPLE YOU KNOW!]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gotta catch them all: McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass

McDonald's already launched their promo for a novelty glass of CocaCola's Coke in Can. The promo started July 2 and will last until July 15 so you still have the chance to collect these quality Coca-Cola can glasses in six hip colors - pink, green, blue, lime, charcoal and purple.

Among all the promos they have released, this really took my attention and my fondness for the glass grows everyday. I find my happiness too shallow sometimes but nonetheless I realized that simple things can really bring you happiness.

Anyway, for every value meal, you just need to add Php 25 to purchase the "Can" glass. It has limitations though, meals below Php50 and Happy Meals are not included so the cheapest meal I suggest is the Burger Mcdo Meal then add Php 25 :D

Thanks to my buddies, Jonn and Lesly they agreed to buy the meal so I will just need to shoulder the Php 25 for the glass. I love you guys!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Discount Vouchers: Pakyaw's Kitchen Pizza Deal

Before I left for vacation, Lesly recommended a voucher she found at The deal is P250 for Kitchen’s Pizza and Iced Tea for 2. A whopping 17” pizza with the choice of Skewers Place (chicken barbeque pizza topped with 3 types of cheese) or Knot of Four Pizza (four types of cheese pizza served with alfalfa and arugula) and unlimited serving of Cool it (mint iced tea) or Leaves of Grass (pandan iced tea).

So after my vacay, Lesly thought about using our voucher instead of using it on Friday (June 24) so we invited Jonn as well. Based on the deal's description, it's 17" pizza so we we're kind of worried that we might not be able to consume it all since we will be using two vouchers (1 voucher can be used for 1-2 people, per visit (1 person eating alone can use 1 voucher, 2 people can share 1 voucher, 3 people can share 2 vouchers and 4 people can share 2 vouchers). We had a hard time finding the place, so if ever you'd be going to Kitchen, it's beside Seattle's Best, GF GreenBelt 3. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Max's Chicken-All-You-Can Strikes Again!

It's finally back! Max's Chicken-All-You-Can promo starting June 10 till July 10, 2011 6pm-10pm daily. Last time they had this promo, I was able to try this twice (on different days of course). Some would only eat the chicken w/o anything else except for the drink but my friends usually order their chopsuey so that we can call it a "balance diet."

I'm not really a fan of Max's chicken but I can say that their chicken is really different and flavorful compared to their competitors. The promo starts at 6pm and their dance crew/staff will perform a dance number to signal the start of the promo but this does not apply to all branches like in Convergys, Makati.

For only PhP 199, you can eat all the chicken you want (they'd serve you 1 to 2 pcs, again this varies per branch or depending on your server). Once you have consumed the piece(s) they gave you, you can call their attention to refill your plate. Some branches are kindda strict though, some would let you choose your preferred part and some don't. Of course, you don't want to choke so you have an option to add PhP28 for a bottomless drink or have water instead (which is free).

There's also a good bonus with this promo, Max's will be giving a PhP 20 money coupon for every PhP200 spent during the Chicken-All-You-Can promotion. A maximum of three accumulated coupons per transaction may be used to “purchase” any Max’s products within a year after issuance.

So what are you waiting for? This is a great deal that doesn't require any voucher at all! Dine out with your family and friends! Eat, Love and Laugh!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Salamat! Salamat.Ph

One of the groupon sites I often visit is thanks to Lesly's TipsnTricks. The thing I like about their site is that you don't have to purchase the voucher before you get the deal unlike other sites which will require you to purchase the voucher first. So far, this is the only site I’ve encountered that works this way. The benefit is that if you don't have a credit card or time to pay over-the-counter, you can still reserve the discount coupon for yourself and usually you can download it more than once depending on the rules applied.

I have downloaded and used several vouchers from and so far the deals they offer are great! Aside from great deals, they have contests as well where you will only need to like their page or download a voucher to qualify. I've joined two of their contests - Rich Fan and Aquabest: Shift Happens and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. Last Monday (May 30th), as I was browsing the net, I saw their blog informing the list of winners for Aquabest: Shift Happens and I didn't expect to be one of them! It even actually slipped my mind that I downloaded their voucher :D

AquaBest contest the Best!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Discount Vouchers: MetroDeal Zap 'em right!

UNWANTED HAIRS like hairy legs, hairy arms, hairy underarms these maybe appealing for some but for the majority, it's a major turn off. It's rare for some women to be born hairless on these parts and they can't be blamed to be envied by many. Let's face it, it's normal for women to have hair grow in their armpits so to be hygienic and appealing, we remove them.

There are several ways to keep mane from growing in our underarms - Plucking, shaving, waxing, laser removal. Plucking and shaving are the major culprits for chicken skin and dark underarms. Waxing makes you shave/pluck less but frequent visit to the salon is needed. Laser removal on the other hand is the trend nowadays as this is painless and removes at least 90% of your hair and of course, the catch's EXPENSIVE.

But lo and behold! Thanks to discount sites like MetroDeal. As I was browsing their site, I saw this deal "IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments on any Body Area at Dermaesthetique for P300 instead of P3000" I was able to grab a deal that's really worth every penny. So what are the features?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Discount Vouchers: KFC 97% Discount, too good to be true?

Nowadays, we need to be practical and being a cheapskate is not a crime at all instead these type of buyers are to be idolized to find great deals with the right value for money. I have subscribed to the newsletters of several discount sites and I was surprised with this amazing deal from MegaDeals. 97% OFF at KFC for 90 days just for 100 pesos!

Too good to be true?
So, yeah we need to check out the catch in this. You can either take it as a downside of the voucher depending how you will use it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Discount Vouchers: Pakyaw it all

Lately, we've been going crazy over coupon deals. Groupon sites really made their way this year and for sure most of them are legit (I haven't encountered any scam site as of now). Each site has different mechanics/conditions for their discounts vouchers/coupons. I've purchased several of them and of course, I'd be more than happy to blog about them and share it with my readers.

The first discount coupon I purchased is from For only Php 430 pesos, I got their Super Sampler & House Margarita Pitcher Duo which originally costs Php 800+. The deal was on and it was worth it. Tia Maria's at Dela Rose Square 1 is a bit too small to handle a Friday night crowd though but the food is great.

Here's the proof of the coupon

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KFC Original Bites: Are you gonna bite em?

There's a new craze in KFC. It's called KFC Original Bites. It's the counterpart of McDonald's Mc Nuggets but cheaper. You can get 5 pieces nuggets with gravy for Php 64 without drinks or Php 84 with drinks.

I tried this one out of curiousity if it can beat McNuggets, I had high expectations because the heck it's KFC! I ordered their spaghetti meal and original bites and we had to wait for 10 mins for the nuggets to be served which is fine. When our order came, the first thing we checked is the gravy, since we are gravy fanatics and the gravy that came with it is not enough, we smothered the nuggets with more gravy!

At first glance, I found the nuggets coating too thin yet crispy. The amount of pepper and aroma is promising but lo and behold it disappointed me. The meat itself doesn't taste like chicken. Well, you know it's chicken and you expect it to be chicken but when I ate it I felt like eating a burger pattie. Compared to McNuggets, KFC's original bites is obviously full of extenders. Aside from that, it's too salty and you need a neutralizer to minimize the salty taste.

Overall, I still go with McNuggets. You'd know it's chicken in every bite. KFC, you disappointed me with this product but the hell, I still love your original chickens.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What's building in Cityville?

Zynga has launched a new addictive game in Facebook called Cityville and it's been the latest craze for the past 3 months since I started. At first, I was not interested in playing it since I believe it's like the other game like Farmville, Frontierville, Social City etc. What made me decide to play it merely out of a gamer's curiousity.

The thing I liked about this game is the combination of Zynga's games. You get to own a city, build several types of houses and businesses which will give you collectibles in exchange of energy, goods or random items and coins to purchase more stuffs for your city. You also get to farm crops and send ships to obtain goods for your businesses.

Unlike other Facebook games which gets boring in a short span of time, Cityville will give you several quests almost every week and everytime you level up. The quests are normally easy which will just require a few clicks and requests from your Cityville neighbors and Facebook friends.

Last week, they had a theme "St.Patrick's Day" where you get to own shops, decorations, do quests related to St.Patrick's. I'm not yet done with the quests and they released a new quest again which is related to ballet.

Since Cityville has released several awesome updates, I'll be discussing the latest news one at a time and my own experience with it, so bear with me :)

Till my next post!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Game Fashion: Devil Trigger Set and Backstreet Set

It's been several months since I've posted in-game fashion. Perfect World already released several cool fashions including headgears or in simplier terms - WIG. I'm not really a fan of wigs since I find it too pricey but when PW released the Devil Trigger Set, I couldn't resist the urge to buy it!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I'm not the type who buys the set as a whole. I prefer to mix and match items. Here's how the set looks like:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Cervical Vaccine - It's worth the shot!

Lately, several ads are being shown about cervical cancer awareness. Local celebrity endorsers namely, Kris Aquino, Maxine and Pia Magalona were tapped to promote this campaign.

So what is cervical cancer? Cervical cancer is malignant neoplasm of the cervix or cervical area. Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is a necessary factor in the development of almost all cases of cervical cancer. Cervarix has been shown to be 92% effective in preventing HPV.

It stings but it's worth it

It's a good thing that our company assisted us for paying the vaccine. We were given a total of 3 shots with 1, 3 and 6 months interval. Because of our membership with MaxiCare as well, the vaccine costs P 1,700 per shot (excluding the professional fee). That's a total of Php 5,100 but I heard the usual price would cost you around 7-9k Php.

I asked for the vaccine tube for remembrance. I'm done completing our vaccine to protect me for life against cervical cancer. How about you?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Game Fashion: Geeky Earrings!

I'm not really fond of wearing earrings specially ear studs since I tend to misplace the locks. Since I still have the kikay sense in me, I decided to wear dangling earrings instead coz there's a great chance I won't lose them.

It's a good thing that I have officemates who are into selling cute accessories ranging from earrings, bracelets, charms to bags just name it and for sure they have it. Their online shop is called Csquared ClicknShoppe. You can have your kikay stuffs made-to-order if you have a design in mind or just buy the available items they have on the site. Since customers have the option to have items custom made, I decided to give my college bestfriend a nametag cellphone charm for her birthday.

It's a cellphone charm, don't mind the chain :D