Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Baking in Baking Life?

Baking Life is like any other Facebook application created by Zip Zap Play. If you are familiar with Cafe World, Restaurant City, Baking Life is similar to them but this time it's purely pastries. One thing that I like in Baking Life  is that you don't have to worry about the performance of your employees and you don't have to block the door if you want to close your bakery (I'll explain more about this later)

Apparently, Baking Life is one of the FB applications that Amity Clan is addicted to. I dunno who among them started this craze but one of them made a point. Unlike Farmville, Baking Life won't take too much of your time. Among the other games related to cooking/management stuff, you can sleep or logout without worrying if your "business" is going down the drain.

The menu ranged between 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, to 22 hours and days. Seriously, just by looking at the pastries it makes me crave for them. Take a look!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Fashion: Leopard Print

One of the things I like in Perfect World  is the ability to wear normal clothes instead of armors. It gives the player the ability to personalize characters according to their mood or fashion sense. Last Sept 16, 2010 Perfect World released their new fashion sets - Leopard Print (F) and Studded Leather (M). There's also the first headgear fashions: Sunglasses (M) and Headband (F).

Leopard Set - Image taken from PerfectWorldPH FB Page

Dusk Adventures: Chapter 1: Soul-Calming Hymn

Basically, if you want good equipments for your character Dusk Palace is the best place you can hunt materials for your armors, weapons, accessories. You can either go there in Solo Mode or Party Mode which can give you better materials to craft your goodies. For you to open the instance, you need Thousand Machine Parts (TMP).

Since Jez and I have our own Tideborn characters a Wu Shi (~TequiLa~) and Xi Shou (blaklabel) which are both level 77 now, we decided to make them a level 80 set. I guess, my Yu Ling was deprived of this set when she was still a lowbie so I'm giving all the luxuries to Teq.

So to give you a background how it looks like in Dusk 1-3 (Chapter 1: Soul-Calming Hymn - Valiant), here are the screenshots.

To begin with, here's the map of Dusk Palace. I dunno but for some reason it's no use at all since you can't find your exact location in the map (all maps on dungeons are like that, so I don't get what the map is for if you have to guess which part of the place you are)

Hall of Dusk

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kitchen Experiment : Chicken Aloha!

Since I'm stuck in the house for five...yes 5 days I decided to do something productive in our kitchen. Despite lack of sleep because of a hunt session in Perfect World, I woke up early and cooked Chicken Aloha. 

Chicken Aloha, if I understood it right is just Chicken Adobo with Pineapple. Pineapple = Hawaii = Aloha? Anyway, the thing that we must appreciate with the one who invented the Adobo recipe is its simplicity. The ingredients, cooking time is ideal for a beginner or even a kitchen pro.


Chicken, pineapple tidbits (reserve the syrup), ground pepper, garlic, vinegar, soysauce. Simple right?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gaming Food : Instant Noodles

Noodles. No, make that INSTANT noodles. As a gamer who rarely finds time to even stand up and pee, finding food to munch while committing minor crime on the keyboard and mouse is something that one should make an effort. Who would like pressing the hot keys with grease all over their hands? And like the reminder in Perfect World's patcher: Pay attention to your health. Eating will definitely make you live longer.

Before raiding a dungeon, you prepare potions, charms, amulets, pills and anything that will help you survive the instance. Like a real battle, you can't go on to the battle field with an empty stomach. So it's nice to stock instant foods on your pantry and when I say instant, it means NO cooking.

I like 'em hot!  Lucky Me and Nissin should give me credits for this.

Out of the popular instant noodles, I saw that Yakisoba is the ideal brand that would take away at least 3-5 minutes of your precious gaming time. All you need is a cup of hot water, throw in the fake veggies, noodles then cover for 2 minutes. Drain, pour the seasoning, mix and you're all done.

Now go back to your raiding, kiddo.

Yao Jing: bazouKis™

As I have promised, I will talk about different races in Perfect World. Note that this is based on my experience with my OWN character, so bear with me.

She's not a Playboy model. Click to view her beauty

Kitchen Experiment : Chicken with Mushroom

I love to eat. Who doesn't? But wouldn't it be nice if you know how to cook food for yourself and your love ones? Chicken is one of the easiest stuff to cook next to seafoods and I guess, you can never go wrong with chicken.

Eds, my bestfriend in the office usually asks his boyfriend, Allen to bring food for us during lunch. Manang usually text Eds for the menu and Allen just brings it. I forgot what other foods were included in the menu but we all ordered Chicken with Mushroom.

I had that feeling but still hoped that it won't turn out to be Chicken with itsy bitsy mushroom because I'm a sucker for mushroom (maybe Mario Brothers had something to do with it). So yeah, to to ALL of our dismay we can barely taste or see the mushroom. I was a bit frustrated but I can't blame Manang, it's only 50 bucks anyway.

My frustration over the mushroom lasted for at least 2 days, that's when I decided to cook my own Chicken with LOTS of Mushroom. I know the ingredients, but I'm not that confident on HOW to cook it. So with a little help from Eds, here goes my Chicken with Mushroom recipe.

In a Perfect World...

I mentioned that I'm an online gamer too. At first, I didn't have plans to play this long, it was just a simple "okay-I'll-give-it-a-shot-game". My first job was buying MMORPG accounts and I feel like a noob whenever the seller says something about trinkets, tiers, clan etc. That was too much information overload for me who doesn't have an idea what they are talking about. So there, I convinced myself to play an online game, the big question: What game?

Then, Coilfang (his IGN) an officemate recommended to me, Perfect World. He said it's like World of Warcraft, but catered to Asians and it's Free to Play. Great! No monthly dues, perfect for my budget. I didn't have a computer back then, I had to rent in a computer shop (Php 15/hr).

So for newbies out there. The first thing you need to do is to have a Level Up Account (LU Account). You can create one by going here. Set up everything there, like a normal account registration. Once everything is set, your next step should be: INSTALL the game. Now, this can be way lot easier if you have a DVD installer or anyone who owns one. But if you have no choice, you can download it.