Saturday, February 25, 2017

Snug A Hug: A Pregnant's Bestfriend

Around my 4th month, I started having troubles sleeping on my back. For the life of me, finding the best position to sleep when you're pregnant was one of the most difficult task at night. I read that ideally, pregnant moms should lie on their left side for better blood circulation but I always get a ngalay feeling after a few hours and then I'd wake up with a sore shoulder.

That's when I learned that there's a pillow that's locally made and catered for pregnant women and can be used as a nursing pillow too! Nursing pillows are quite expensive so when I learned that Snug A Hug is suitable for prenatal/postnatal care, I knew I needed this.

I tried to order from their official page but it seems that if I wanted to have it shipped to my address which is outside MM, there's a possibility that I have to pick it up in the nearest postal office. I find it inconvenient so I tried my luck at Lazada. It costed me 2,300 (free shipping)

My experience with the delivery for this item is not pleasant but that's a different story. As for the product itself, I fell in love with it. It can support any position I want to the point I don't need my other pillows! It's firm yet comfortable!

If you're one of those who's having a hard time finding the best position to sleep, I strongly suggest you try this product out. No regrets!

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