Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KFC Original Bites: Are you gonna bite em?

There's a new craze in KFC. It's called KFC Original Bites. It's the counterpart of McDonald's Mc Nuggets but cheaper. You can get 5 pieces nuggets with gravy for Php 64 without drinks or Php 84 with drinks.

I tried this one out of curiousity if it can beat McNuggets, I had high expectations because the heck it's KFC! I ordered their spaghetti meal and original bites and we had to wait for 10 mins for the nuggets to be served which is fine. When our order came, the first thing we checked is the gravy, since we are gravy fanatics and the gravy that came with it is not enough, we smothered the nuggets with more gravy!

At first glance, I found the nuggets coating too thin yet crispy. The amount of pepper and aroma is promising but lo and behold it disappointed me. The meat itself doesn't taste like chicken. Well, you know it's chicken and you expect it to be chicken but when I ate it I felt like eating a burger pattie. Compared to McNuggets, KFC's original bites is obviously full of extenders. Aside from that, it's too salty and you need a neutralizer to minimize the salty taste.

Overall, I still go with McNuggets. You'd know it's chicken in every bite. KFC, you disappointed me with this product but the hell, I still love your original chickens.

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