Monday, March 21, 2011

What's building in Cityville?

Zynga has launched a new addictive game in Facebook called Cityville and it's been the latest craze for the past 3 months since I started. At first, I was not interested in playing it since I believe it's like the other game like Farmville, Frontierville, Social City etc. What made me decide to play it merely out of a gamer's curiousity.

The thing I liked about this game is the combination of Zynga's games. You get to own a city, build several types of houses and businesses which will give you collectibles in exchange of energy, goods or random items and coins to purchase more stuffs for your city. You also get to farm crops and send ships to obtain goods for your businesses.

Unlike other Facebook games which gets boring in a short span of time, Cityville will give you several quests almost every week and everytime you level up. The quests are normally easy which will just require a few clicks and requests from your Cityville neighbors and Facebook friends.

Last week, they had a theme "St.Patrick's Day" where you get to own shops, decorations, do quests related to St.Patrick's. I'm not yet done with the quests and they released a new quest again which is related to ballet.

Since Cityville has released several awesome updates, I'll be discussing the latest news one at a time and my own experience with it, so bear with me :)

Till my next post!

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