Monday, May 30, 2011

Discount Vouchers: KFC 97% Discount, too good to be true?

Nowadays, we need to be practical and being a cheapskate is not a crime at all instead these type of buyers are to be idolized to find great deals with the right value for money. I have subscribed to the newsletters of several discount sites and I was surprised with this amazing deal from MegaDeals. 97% OFF at KFC for 90 days just for 100 pesos!

Too good to be true?
So, yeah we need to check out the catch in this. You can either take it as a downside of the voucher depending how you will use it.

1. Redemption Period: June 13 – September 13, 2011, 5:00-10:00 PM daily

- If it can be used lunch time, that would be a blast

2. Maximum of one purchase per day per person.

- So yeah, you can let your friend drool over the discount you got.

3. Vouchers may be used as gifts for family and friends. Enter their names on vouchers.

- Since I don't want to use my credit card for this purchase, I asked my friend Lesly to buy one for me since this can be given as a gift. And here's the proof:

It's kind a weird though that there's no option to put your friend's name in the voucher.

4. The minimum total savings of P3,000 cannot be availed of in a single purchase.

Every Monday, an email will be sent to you from MegaDeals containing the list of products that can be redeemed for that week. Just print the KFC coupon along with the voucher from MegaDeals and you're good to go.

So if ever you're interested in purchasing this, you still have less than a day to do so :P Just visit their site here

Update: Personally, it's not worth it. The deals they release every week is very limited to the point you might not be able to maximize the deal you bought. They have certain foods PER DAY wherein you will get discount and the largest discount I saw is Php100 off for a 21pcs bucket meal?! DUH. You've disappointed several people, MegaDeals and KFC.

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