Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Discount Vouchers: MetroDeal Zap 'em right!

UNWANTED HAIRS like hairy legs, hairy arms, hairy underarms these maybe appealing for some but for the majority, it's a major turn off. It's rare for some women to be born hairless on these parts and they can't be blamed to be envied by many. Let's face it, it's normal for women to have hair grow in their armpits so to be hygienic and appealing, we remove them.

There are several ways to keep mane from growing in our underarms - Plucking, shaving, waxing, laser removal. Plucking and shaving are the major culprits for chicken skin and dark underarms. Waxing makes you shave/pluck less but frequent visit to the salon is needed. Laser removal on the other hand is the trend nowadays as this is painless and removes at least 90% of your hair and of course, the catch is....it's EXPENSIVE.

But lo and behold! Thanks to discount sites like MetroDeal. As I was browsing their site, I saw this deal "IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatments on any Body Area at Dermaesthetique for P300 instead of P3000" I was able to grab a deal that's really worth every penny. So what are the features?

You can have your hair removed in these areas:

Moustache Area
Beard Area
Bikini Area

The catch? There's none! Let's say you buy 8 vouchers for 8 sessions, the voucher's validity is until April 15, 2011 until April 14, 2012 for sure by that time, you have already consumed your vouchers.

Since I'm new to laser removal, I've done my own research. Laser removal DOESN'T guarantee that ALL your hair won't grow EVER! Instead, it will remove 90% of your hair and if ever another hair grows it is not that noticeable anymore. Thus, if ever you need to pluck those unwanted hairs it's not gonna be the same like before.

So far, I'm done with 2 sessions. On my first session, I was told to lay down on this lazy boy alike chair with my shirt removed. A cold cream was applied on both underarms and the dermatologist placed a gadget that looked like a humongous stapler and zapped my underarms. It felt like my underarms where being pictured while wearing those dark googles to protect my eyes from the laser. I was advised not to wet my underarms for the next 8 hours (I dunno why) and never apply deodorant for the next 3 days. Plucking is advisable rather than shaving as well. After I plucked the unwanted hairs after the procedure, I was pretty amazed and satisfied with the results! The new grown hairs are less noticeable and it didn't seem to grow in all the parts of my armpits.

With the said results, I can say I really made a good deal out of this and it's worth it! But of course, wouldn't it be nicer if you have white underarms too? Too bad I'm still waiting for my laser session to finish; I just saw this good deal "Intense Underarm Whitening at Dermalosophy for P200 instead of P1500".

If you're interested in purchasing the Underarm Whitening treatment, I suggest you buy one now since it's one of the cheapest deal I've seen so far. You can buy the deal here


  1. i also got the IPL vouchers from metrodeal, they're actually my favorite group buying website in the philippines :)

  2. Metro deal is HORRIBLE!!! I was able to contact them once over the phone because a trip I purchased was sold out!?! , they told me it would take 45 days to refund my purchase, it was all LIES! they have now avoided all my attempts to contact them, they are unreachable and stole 22,000 pesos or close to 600 US dollars from me!!… I am currently trying to take legal action to get my money back!!

  3. That is indeed bad news. I've read and heard several complaints against Metrodeal while MetroDeal tells the issue is with the merchant. But it's a game for two. Both parties should be liable to the customers.

    You may contact DTI about it, it's a long process but hopefully you'll get your refund.

  4. ask lang po panp yung naging payment nyo sa metrodeal? pasend na lang po sa email ko cause i dont have tumblr po. Thank you po. :) prince_of_cute15@yahoo.com