Sunday, June 26, 2011

Discount Vouchers: Pakyaw's Kitchen Pizza Deal

Before I left for vacation, Lesly recommended a voucher she found at The deal is P250 for Kitchen’s Pizza and Iced Tea for 2. A whopping 17” pizza with the choice of Skewers Place (chicken barbeque pizza topped with 3 types of cheese) or Knot of Four Pizza (four types of cheese pizza served with alfalfa and arugula) and unlimited serving of Cool it (mint iced tea) or Leaves of Grass (pandan iced tea).

So after my vacay, Lesly thought about using our voucher instead of using it on Friday (June 24) so we invited Jonn as well. Based on the deal's description, it's 17" pizza so we we're kind of worried that we might not be able to consume it all since we will be using two vouchers (1 voucher can be used for 1-2 people, per visit (1 person eating alone can use 1 voucher, 2 people can share 1 voucher, 3 people can share 2 vouchers and 4 people can share 2 vouchers). We had a hard time finding the place, so if ever you'd be going to Kitchen, it's beside Seattle's Best, GF GreenBelt 3. 

The place is crowded for a rainy Wednesday night. We had to share a long table with a couple so it's a bit awkward if you ask me. The menu is like a notebook which looked like it won't stand for a long time and the pictures and description are too small for them to fit in a big page.

Lesly having fun reading =))
We ordered the two variants for the deal and here's what we got:

Bottomless Mint Iced Tea
Skewers Place (Chicken Bbq topped with 3 types of cheese)
The Knot of Four Pizza picture is corrupted so as much as I want to show you, it's not possible :) So anyway, as you can see it's not your typical type 17" pizza. The pizza is super thin, crunchy and tasty. The alfalfa and arugula complimented the Skewers Place pizza but we didn't like it with the Knot of Four. Overall, the food is good and enough for us three. Just a tip, if you're really hungry I suggest you to order an appetizer or pasta since it takes a long time for them to serve the pizza.

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  1. yum yum yum.... Hungryyyyyyyyyyy... any suggestion what pasta should we order?