Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gotta catch them all: McDonald's Coca-Cola Can Glass

McDonald's already launched their promo for a novelty glass of CocaCola's Coke in Can. The promo started July 2 and will last until July 15 so you still have the chance to collect these quality Coca-Cola can glasses in six hip colors - pink, green, blue, lime, charcoal and purple.

Among all the promos they have released, this really took my attention and my fondness for the glass grows everyday. I find my happiness too shallow sometimes but nonetheless I realized that simple things can really bring you happiness.

Anyway, for every value meal, you just need to add Php 25 to purchase the "Can" glass. It has limitations though, meals below Php50 and Happy Meals are not included so the cheapest meal I suggest is the Burger Mcdo Meal then add Php 25 :D

Thanks to my buddies, Jonn and Lesly they agreed to buy the meal so I will just need to shoulder the Php 25 for the glass. I love you guys!

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