Friday, June 3, 2011

Salamat! Salamat.Ph

One of the groupon sites I often visit is thanks to Lesly's TipsnTricks. The thing I like about their site is that you don't have to purchase the voucher before you get the deal unlike other sites which will require you to purchase the voucher first. So far, this is the only site I’ve encountered that works this way. The benefit is that if you don't have a credit card or time to pay over-the-counter, you can still reserve the discount coupon for yourself and usually you can download it more than once depending on the rules applied.

I have downloaded and used several vouchers from and so far the deals they offer are great! Aside from great deals, they have contests as well where you will only need to like their page or download a voucher to qualify. I've joined two of their contests - Rich Fan and Aquabest: Shift Happens and I was lucky enough to be one of the winners. Last Monday (May 30th), as I was browsing the net, I saw their blog informing the list of winners for Aquabest: Shift Happens and I didn't expect to be one of them! It even actually slipped my mind that I downloaded their voucher :D

AquaBest contest the Best!

So, I looked at the list of prizes to be won. I didn't exactly understand how the prizes will be redeemed since they said it's random. As I was looking at the prizes, I thought it's either I win 1 case of bottle or an ID lace and honestly, if I'll only get an ID Lace I'm not sure if I'm gonna be a jolly fellow after that. Lesly was kind enough to encourage me to redeem my prize and accompany me to's office at MBC Building (it's in between LKG and CocoLife along Ayala Ave). While waiting for my prize, I was already imagining the worst and best scenario. What if I won the case of bottles? How the hell will I bring it home?! So when the guy brought my prizes, (YES prizes with "S") I was quite surprised! He gave me the following: 2 bottles of AquaBest, SHIFT HAPPENS T-shirt, Aquabest Tumbler, Aquabest Fat Hang Pen and 2 stickers! He took a picture of me after (and that I guess folks is my chance to be a star lol)

Here's the list of prizes* (I'll add the picture of's sticker soon):

Aquabest bottled water
Memo Pad w/ AB Logo
Notepad w/ Pen Holder
Aquabest ID Lace
Aquabest Pop-up Fan
Aquabest Tumbler
Aquabest Fat Hang Pen + 1 bottle each
It was really quite an experience since I'm not used to winning contests so I guess this one is memorable for me. So once again, salamat,!

Update:  I just saw the collage they made and I'm included!

*Images were taken from Blog


  1. congrats! i won too but they ran out of t-shirts so they gave me a nice memo pad instead :)

  2. Congrats! The Memo pad does look cool and useful :D