Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Central BBQ Boy Grill: All that Nom Nom Nom Part 2

After our adventure at Zark's Burger, we went to Central BBQ Boy Grill at Malugay St to meet our other friends. If you plan to go there, it's behind Cash & Carry (Filmore St.). I've been to Central Boy a couple of times and for me their cocktails are good as well as the place. Their Malugay branch is bigger compared to their branch in Mayapis, which can also be found at Makati. The crowd is merely composed of yuppies who are in the mood of good and clean fun. Like any typical bars, Central Boy have bouncers so no messing around, folks.

Central at 8:30pm - The party has not started yet
Once you get hold of their menu, first thing you'd notice is the humor they added when they named their food and drinks (check out the bottom of the post for details). Since we were still full, I decided to get their combo (Php 699) - 3 cocktails + 2 pulutan (a choice of Nachos + Hotdog or Flaming Tuna + Barbeque). So let me start showing you their Pulutans :D

Flaming Tuna ni Boy will surely get your attention. Tuna chunks in a sizzling plate which will be served to you while it's still flaming. The tuna is well cooked and there's no malansa after taste. You can even pair this with rice if you're up for it.

Flame on!

Flame Off? (okay that was lame)
Macho King (Nachos) Php 135
Macho King (Php 135), it's your typical nacho. It's made up of tortillas plus ground beef, chili pepper, dressing and cheese.
Hotdog ni Boy (Php 30)
Hotdog ni Boy is your typical grilled Tender Juicy hotdog. Nothing special about it. For dinner, Dianne and her company ordered Sizzling Garlic Chicken w/ gravy (Php 110). I was not able to taste this but Jez said the meat is tender and the gravy suited the chicken well.

I wondered why it was not sizzling when it was served to us
Bully was craving for chicken skin however, honestly it frustrated us. It took them almost 30 mins to serve our order and when we got our order, it was far from what I expected. The skin wasn't crispy at all instead it was still moist. The chicken sold in the streets are way better.

Chicken Skin (Php 85)
I ordered 2 SurferBoy's, 2 Squeeze Me's, 1 Bad Trip, 1 Bad Boy + Bacardi Shot. You will definitely enjoy these drinks and say to yourself "This is alcohol? It tastes like juice!". Well my dear, don't be deceived by these drinks even if they don't leave any bitter after taste there's a chance you're gonna end up barfing all over specially if your alcohol tolerance is low.

SqueezeMe (warning this will make your #2 deed blue)
Me and Rizza
The Boys enjoying Squeeze Me
SurferBoy Up!
Overall, our stay there was so-so (blame it on the chicken skin). We were expecting some dance show down between the servers to our dismay. Probably a busy night for them. Will I still invite my friends there? Yup but probably not soon :) We left at around 11pm and decided to continue our bonding somewhere in Makati and that my friends, will be featured in my next post.

Central Boy Pulutan and Pambasag Menus:

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