Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Awesome" BayanTel's Customer Service and Support, long gone?

I have been a subscriber of BayanTel since 2003, at that time I only got their landline subscription until 2008 I decided to avail their DSL bundle. Everything was promising, I had an awesome speed connection which catered my entertainment needs in terms of gaming, movie and music downloads.

But like any dream, I was visited by a terrible nightmare which came to life that a customer would like to be awakened of - BayanTel's service and support sucks. Last year, a week doesn't pass by without calling their technical support and all with the same problems - no internet and/or intermittent connection, no dial tone. They replaced my ZTE modem with an older looking version. It looks really old but it worked so it was fine with me so the BayanTel agents were spared by my rants and I got spared from their spiels and customized templates.

Until today, I had the same effin problem AGAIN. Before, whenever I had issues, a day won't pass by and my issue is quickly resolved. The technician will contact me for confirmation that he passed by the house and fixed it and this genuine awesome customer service is long gone.

Last Tuesday night, I called their support and reported my intermittent net connection. I was told that a technician will pass by within 24-48 hrs to check our net. Wednesday after lunch, I found it a bit odd that I haven't received any confirmation from the technician. So I thought they are just on their way and I asked Jez, my partner to follow it up with them. To our dismay the agent said that the technician went already at 9am and it was acknowledged by Eunice Antonio, my cousin.

My concern:

1. I DON'T have a cousin named Eunice Antonio and I DON'T KNOW anyone named Eunice Antonio.

2. The agent insisted we had the same reference number and the issue is fixed already which was acknowledge by my "cousin".

3. They have my mobile contact number with them, why didn't they confirmed it with me before insisting what is reported by their system?

Get your records straight, BayanTel! You consider yourself leading provider for telecommunications but it seems your people have issues with communicating information to one another.

So, I made 2 follow ups yesterday to make sure a technician will fix it within the day and all I got was a spiel "wait for 24-48 hrs". That night, my net connection is still intermittent. I just shoved it off and gave them till Thursday to fix it.

Thursday came and after lunch I decided to call them up again. To my dismay, the agent Johnard Agunad (If I got it correct) said that the technician already replaced the cables yesterday 5pm and no one was in our house. SERIOUSLY? We wasted a day to wait for them and they are claiming that no one is at home??? THAT IS SO EFFIN LAME!

This "awesome" agent then told me to monitor my net. Dude, what is left for me to check? I already checked my net last night and today! The issue is not resolved?! It's how he beats around the bush that pisses me off. When I asked if a technician will not come by at our house today, he said I need to monitor my net connection and submit a screenshot of the tracer route results. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

In the first place, the technician (if he was really there to replace the cable) should have come over to our house and check if my net connection is fixed before leaving and reporting to their department that it's fixed. Common sense, is it really rare nowadays?

I have been lamenting whether to cancel my subscription of 8yrs from them. Service is degrading as days go by and yet they had the guts to increase their subscription fees. I don't mind paying additional fees, but hey, I deserve more than this. If this is how you treat loyal customers, I wish your business good luck. I thought BayanTel was different from the other providers and I was even proud to recommend you to my friends. Good customer is long gone, too bad.


  1. I think it's a case of the Pinoy "gulang". I share the exact same sentiments on the severe degradation of the internet quality as well as customer support quality. Since the same crappy internet problems (intermittent disconnection), ALWAYS crop up every now and then, technicians and phone reps developed scripts to shut the customer up like "paki-monitor nalang po for x days" (yes, technicians who are supposed to come to my house CALLS ME AND TELLS ME THAT to avoid coming.

    Bayan, wake up and smell the stench in your own backyard and clean it up.

    Unfortunately, other pinoy ISPs seem to have the same problem, if not worse. Saan tayo pupulutin?

  2. Indeed. It's really disappointing and I have friends who uses PLDT (which they call PLDC) and SMARTBRO (Smartbroken). They said they have horror stories to share as well and Bayantel is still "better".

    Have you tried to check out BayanTel's forums? The moderators are a bit ill-mannered as well saying it's not a customer service oriented forum since it's a place for Technical stuff. So much for the arrogance. They better work on orienting their people to provide better service and just not canned responses.

    1. i switched over from PLDT to Bayantel about 3+ yrs ago. I've not had any issues until a week ago when I upgraded to 3mbps promo. Since then, I've had intermittent drop (intermittent b/c it does come back online for few mins before dropping again) probably every 10 mins or so all thru the day around the clock.
      I had technicians (2 different ones) come out to the house 4X now. Sad thing is that none of their technicians know what the hell they are doing. All they do is to spit out their canned responses and call it a day. I even had to show one technician how to PING an IP address!!!
      The worst part of this nightmare is the fact that you can't talk to any execs/mgrs in their office. For a strange reason (yeah right!), they are always 'ENGAGED' and 'NOT AVAILABLE' to talk. These SPINELESS execs/mgrs won't even call you back!!

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  3. Hi, i've been complaining about my internet connection for a bout a month now and still nothing happens. I've been asking for a direct bayantel personnel to contact me or somewhat talk to me about this problem, but for 6x now they always say that they are all engaged or not available. This really sucks. do you know where i can contact bayantel staff or someone directly from that awful company?

  4. ive been a subcriber of bayantel for 10 yrs,in my case, i dont get the right speed for my bayantel dsl, its been almost a year, im experiencing slow connection on my internet...and now they are offering me to upgrade my 1mb plan to 2mb, no way!

  5. fuck you bayantel! mgva gago kau mga manloloko!! pokinang ina nyu!

  6. try ko nga yan!