Monday, February 6, 2012

Zark's Burger: All that Nom Nom Nom! Part 1

It's been a long time since I had dinner with my good old friends Bully, Rizza, Dennis, Dianne. Since I promised them that we will meet up after my birthday, we decided to do it before Valentine's. So last Saturday, we decided to hit Zark's Burger at 2F Archer’s Nook, Taft Ave. It's just in front of La Salle and if you see Yellow Cab and Army Navy in the establishment then you're in the right place.

Since it will be long night of munching and fun, I decided to have Jawbreaker (Php 250). This beauty is composed of triple cheeseburger with Spam, bacon itsy bitsy of lettuce and tomato. I just wished that the bacon was crispy but nonetheless, it's a good choice for bacon and spam lovers out there. Finish this in 5 minutes and it's free. They will be having an ongoing promo this Feb. 6 and 11th. The Jawbreaker will be Php 150 from Php 250.

Spam and Bacon - What more can you ask for?

We had some Cheese Fries (Php 70) too, it's fries with cheese smothered with bacon matched with a garlic dip on the side. I'm not a big fan of garlic but I can say this is good!

Anything topped with Bacon is definitely a good stuff
For Rizza, she had Zark's Ultimate Burger (Php 130). It's burger with cheese topped with sauteed mushrooms and bacon. She said it was good but she didn't finished the bun (prolly on a diet)

Ultimate it is!
As for Bully, he ordered TombStone (Php 500). It's a two pound of beefy goodness with cheese served with 300 grams of fries. If you're up to the challenge, you just need to eat this goodie within 10 minutes and if you manage to still breath, you'll get a Zark's shirt and have your picture included in their Wall of Fame.

It's called TombStone for you know what may happen if you indulge too much of this
Bully wanted to take his time and enjoy his meal. He wasn't able to finish it all cause according to him, he still values his life. Well, if you ask me it's really life threatening to finish it after all the oil was absorbed by the fries and the bun.

Guys with strong hearts, I wondered why girls were not up for this challenge then I realized there's a thing as DIET
Overall their food is good. The place is a quite small but it was able to accomodate our group. The staff on the other hand is the opposite. We had to call their attention time to time to get our orders worst part is that we had to get the utensils by ourselves. Nonetheless, Zark's is still a good place for quality burgers at a reasonable price.

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