Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Healthy Living: Week 1-4

Biggest loser was our mini-fun game with my officemates, Our goal is just to lose weight and the prize - a healthier and fitter/sexier you! So every Monday we have a weigh-in - well it really depends if you want to check your weight everday but based on the blogs and articles I found on the net, at least having a specific date and time for checking your weight is ideal. Why? Our weight will vary eveyday and if you see that you gained some you'd feel bad about it so it's better to stick to a schedule.

Okay so here goes:
My starting weight: 208.33 lbs / 94.6kgs

Jan 5: 208.33 lbs / 94.6 kgs
Jan 12: 205.25 lbs / 93.1 kgs
Jan 19: 204.5 lbs / 92.8 kgs
Jan 26: 202.16 lbs/ 91.7 kgs (Yup just in 1 day after Zumba and walking)

So as of Jan 27 - 4 weeks after we started, I already lost 6.17 pounds

What sorcery is this?

  1. I removed rice from my meals. I sometimes give in to cravings specially when it's Adobo, Sinigang but I make sure it's not more than 1/2 cup.
  2. Do not starve yourself. This is a common mistake people who are desperate to lose weight. It just fcks up your metabolism.
  3. Excercise. Due to my injury, my physical activities are limited to walking and light jogging. When I mean light, I have to stop in 10 secs because of my knee. I'm still heavy for my bones to carry my body weight.
  4. Water. Lots of it. Avoid softdrinks and canned juices you'd be surprised how much calories it has
  5. Use a calorie counter and link your fitness apps. I use My Fitness Pal, it's pretty good considering the amount of data they have in their database it even includes Pinoy dishes! Link Endomondo or Running Tracker to it. It can get you motivated.
  6. Surround yourself with people who are willing to support you all the way to your journey.


  1. Goodluck Rakee! Sana next time na makita kita mas mataba na sayo si Domdom.

  2. Salamat! Hahaha pero wag ganun level, feeling ko skeleton system na ako nun. Ang galing buhay pa kayo. Ano blog mo? :)