Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lazada: Beauty Spa Portable Sauna

One late December afternoon while browsing channels in the TV, I saw a TV shopping channel featuring portable sauna which claims to help boost weight loss and detoxify the skin. I was amazed of course so I did some research whether this will indeed help. After browsing through forums, blogposts and reviews it was made clear that you cannot depend your weight loss by using sauna alone. So my expectations were made clear, the sauna will only help but excercise and diet is required.

It took me quite sometime before I decided to purchase a portable sauna. I've looked in OLX if it's much cheaper there but it's not since you still need to pay for the shipping fee so I decided to browse in Lazada. I was not disappointed because I was able to find several portable sauna in various prices and freebies. The transaction was smooth. After you make the payment you will be updated via email and text about your order. I was supposed to receive my order either Thursday or Friday but was able to receive it by Wednesday!

A return slip is included in the package incase you need it to be replaced
Contents: Steamer with a 3 slanted prong (you'll need an adapter),Tubes, manual,
sauna case, massager (broke), cd manual

Setting this up is easy even a kid can do it :)

Setting up the sauna is easy:
  • Add water in the steamer not beyond it's maximum level. There's an indicator don't worry :)
  • Plug the tube/hose with black end pointing towards your sauna case. Connect the second tube to the black end which should be inside the case and to the smaller steamer.
  • Put a monoblock or any wooden/plastic chair inside.
  • Set the steamer's knob to WORK. Wait for 5-8 mins.
  • Step inside and relax.
To store your sauna just make sure that everything is dry before you put it in the bag. So far my experience is good. It's relaxing. I get to watch the TV while sweating, detoxifying my skin and I think this is better than just watching TV alone :)

Do you have a portable sauna at home? How was it? Share your experience :)

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