Thursday, March 8, 2012

Facebook Fan Pages Timeline: Tough Challenge in Running Promotions

Timeline. For the love of Internet, what came across Zuckerberg's mind to come up with this? Seriously, I don't like it applied to my personal page. Yes, the images are eye-catching but reading my wall or a friend's wall is nerve wracking. At one point the latest post will be on the left side, the next thing you know it's on the right column...WTF?

To add up on my rants, on March 30, 2012 all fan pages will automatically get the new design (Timeline). With this update, online marketers and some businesses who mainly use FB to promote their site and products might encounter some challenges in terms of running promotions.

Here’s a list of changes and stuffs that we can apply.

1. No Landing Tabs
            Fans/Non-Fans will see the timeline and not the welcome page, promotion, sweepstakes tab. I couldn't elaborate how much this can really affect the performance of running a promotion. Landing pages are too important but with this update...gawd.../flipdesk

2. The Cover Image Can’t Be An Ad
            The cover image (851 x 315px) can identify your brand but it can’t contain call to action. Graphics should tell your story. Here’s a quick list of what you cannot include in your cover photo:

a. Coupons
b. Your cover photo should not be mostly Text-Based or infringe on anyone else’s copyright
c. Pricing and purchase information such as ‘today only 50% off” or “Print this coupon from our website”
d. Contact details, such has email address, website address, or location which is intended to be used in the about section of your Fan Page
e. The incentive to have users share or like your post or page, contest, promotion, or any other Facebook features.
f. Call’s to action, such as “Download now” and “Call Today”

Great Brand Cover Photos to learn from:

3. Pin And Highlight
            If you want to advertise your promotion, or tell a very important message, pin the post, so you can fix it on the top of your timeline. The post will remain there for seven days - after that, it’ll return to the date it was posted on the page’s timeline.
            It’s best to pin something that includes pictures, since they are larger, and they can refer to your story.

4. Change The Order Of Views and Apps
            The boxes beneath the cover image (111 x 74px) can help advertise your promotion. You can change their order except the photos view, which will always appear first.

5. Pages can add “milestones” with images, to any point on their timeline. Brands can use this to highlight important events and company history.

So, for your fan page what are your plans to overcome this challenge?

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  1. I personally DISLIKE the whole timeline thing. And I know a LOT of people who feel the same way. Really, Zuckerberg, we don't really need FB design changes as long as we can get to read other people's posts and not get confused at the same time!