Monday, March 26, 2012

Hun Ling Pet: Avatar of the Chaos Bringer

When you thought getting Avatar of the Life Giver was challenging, here's another pain in the arse quest for Hun Ling's in Perfect World Philippines. When I reached level 59, I eagerly finished my esteem so I can get my Avatar of the Chaos Bringer. Avatar of the Chaos Bringer or CraggLord in PWI is the last pet or summon for the mystics. There have been several debates in PWI forums whether maxing out the level of this pet is worth it since he can only be used when you have 2 chis/sparks and can only last up to 20 secs. Personally, I think maxing it out is a good idea since at level 1 the damage is outrageous leaving all my doubts aside of leveling it up.

Getting this pet is like looking for a needle in a haystack but then you can burn the haystack right? So my loudspeaker came in handy and I would like to thank ROXY of Calamity Clan for giving out the most sensible answer to my question.

Now to get the ball rolling, here are the steps to get your Avatar of the Chaos Bringer

1. Once your esteem is already Sinister, go to Vale City and talk to Tower Master Hei Chaoming.

2. You'll get a quest which will show either blank or Chinese, item required is 0/1. Click the space before "0/1" and you will automatically be redirected to that item. (It's near Vale City so flying won't be that boring)

3. The item is like a sword mounted on a rock. Dig it up and you'll be required to slay a monster - Red Lotus Leader

4. Go back to Vale City and teleport to Disaster Valley. It's advisable that you have a companion with you, probably a tanker or someone with a higher level than you.

5. You may opt to use a wine or not. There are two tablets in the altar. One is in the middle surrounded by lamps and one is below the altar. Dig the tablet below the altar and slay the monster.

6. Once the monster is slayed, talk to the NPC that will appear in the area. The NPC looks like the Chaos Bringer. Pass the item and you'll get your book Avatar of the Chaos Bringer.

Enjoy your Chaos Bringer! So what do you think? Which summon works out best for you?

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