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A Perfect World Wedding: All things becomes possible in game

Weddings, ah who doesn't dream of having one? Ever since Perfect World launched this feature, several players have already attended the wedding ceremony. Some of the couples are partners in real life, while some are I guess still in the "mutual understanding" stage or just simply partners in crime. Well, some things in real life can be done in-game and vice versa and one of them is to have a wedding. Nonetheless, this wedding video gave me an idea what I want for my real life wedding minus the ex-boyfriend gate crashing:
Pretty cool huh? So, if you're planning to wed with your partner in-game just follow these steps:

1. The two of you should form a party!
2. The Groom and the Bride should meet and talk to the Matchmaker (NPC – West of Dragon City).
3. Select “Quest” and “The Bond of Marriage” Quest.

4. Buy the Wedding Package (Groom gets Groom Package and Bride gets Bride Package) from the Item Mall>Gifts>Wedding.

5. Both open their respective packages and wear the included fashion items. Make sure to keep the Eternal Silk in your inventory.

6. Talk again to the Matchmaker, Quest and select “I’m willing” and complete the quest.

7. Congratulations! You are now husband and wife.

Now that you're officially a couple, you may now proceed with the Wedding Reception Ceremony.

Set the Date of Wedding

1. Team up with your beloved one and head forth to Matchmaker to get married. You will receive free Wedding Reservations from the Matchmaker.

2. Take the quest to enter the Waiting Room. After being teleported to Chapel Foyer, the party leader will need to pick the date and time for the wedding at the Wedding Emissary. There are 5 timeslots you can choose from.

3. Once the date and time is set, the Wedding Reservations will disappear from both players, but the players will get Couple Cards and Wedding Certificates. Reservations can be cancelled by paying 3,000,000 yuan to the Wedding Emissary.

Invite Your Friends

4. The couple can get free 5 Wedding Invitations from the Wedding Emissary by presenting the Wedding Certificates.

5. Buy more invitations for 100,000 each if you need more.

6. When filling the invitation, drag the Couple’s Card to the up left slot of writing column first, then type in the name of the friend you wish to invite. You’ll need to type in your friends name EXACTLY as they spell it. The Invitations can only be used by the one who is invited.

Event Flow

7. At the reserved time for the wedding, the groom and bride will be teleported inside the Chapel by right-clicking the Couple’s Cards. Guests can enter the waiting room by talking to the Matchmaker first and then clicking on their Wedding Invitations to get into the Perfect Chapel.

8. After getting into the Chapel, the groom and bride will need to take the quest of Groom’s Ribbon and Bride’s Ribbon from Alessandro·Brown. Each Ribbon costs 67,000 yuan each. The bride and groom will also receive temporary wedding fashions. Guests will also need to talk to talk to Alessandro•Brown to get their Guest’s Ribbons. You will need to have these Ribbons to participate in the event. Each Ribbon costs 20,000 yuan each.

Wedding Tracking

9. The wedding ceremony is composed of a big celebration quest (Regional Quest). The players can get corresponding contribution points based on their participation degree into the ceremony. The newly-weds and guests can all get big rewards after the wedding.

10. The groom can to Alessandro·Brown to purchase the optional services and then can begin the celebration officially.

The optional services include:

Choir (6.88m): professional choir of the chapel which offers backup singing throughout the wedding.
Corbels (6.88m): corbels on both sides of the red carpet.
Lights (3.88m): pink lighting for the groom and bride to add romance during oath-taking
Wine (18.88m): champagne for the guests which can increase the contribution points for all the guests
Cake (18.88m): savory cakes prepared for the guests can increase the contribution points for all the guests
Guards (6.88m): martial guards at the entrance to add nobility
Petals (6.88m): the petal rain which makes your wedding dreamy
Arch (6.88m): the arch made of flowers with which the groom and bride will walk through.
Roses (1.88m): the rose bouquets scattered in each corner of the chapel to add romance.
Five steps of wedding ceremony:

Step 1: Oath
Step 2: Fight for Love
Step 3: Binding the Couple
Step 4: Bouquet Toss
Step 5: Exchange Rings

1. The groom and bride take the oath following the priest.

2. Fight for love: the players can get contribution points by defeating Jealous Ex (Brother Golden Dragon), the disturber of the wedding (4800 contribution points) and his smaller mobs (150 contribution points). The guests can express their oppositions to the wedding at the Alessandro·Brown and summon the Jealous Ex to lighten the atmosphere of the wedding. If the guests think they have acted up enough and want to continue the wedding, the groom can go to Alessandro•Brown to move to the next step.

3. Binding the Couple: the groom and bride will see the Ring Box containing the Wedding Rings for each other. They will pick them up and exchange the rings. After that, the groom and bride can get the Ring of Love and Ring of Eternity which are needed for the final Prize.

4. Bouquet Toss: The bride takes the bouquet from the priest and throws it to her friends, after which, many diggable bouquets will appear on the ground behind the seats. Some of them are real but some are fakes. The guests may try to get as many as possible as these bouquets give contribution points. Each Real Bouquet is worth 500 points, the Bouquet Petals are worth 50, and the Bouquet Ribbons are worth 30. The wedding will get into the next step automatically if after the Real Bouquets have been dug up.

5. End: The groom goes to the priest to end the wedding. The guests will get corresponding rewards based on the ranking of their contributions.


The groom and bride will have the opportunity to get the Final Prize from the system, but it needs the joint efforts of all the guests. If the contribution total of all the guests reaches a certain number, then the groom and bride can get the corresponding prizes. To increase the guests’ contributions, they can summon the Jealous ex (Brother Golden Dragon). The Jealous ex can be summoned one at a time. Please note that the whole event can’t be longer than 1 hour.

Champagne Tower and Cake Tower

The groom and bride can fill the champagne tower and cut up the wedding cakes. To get a piece of the cake and some champagne, the guests needs to talk to Alessandro·Brown. Guests can get wedding contribution points after getting the cake and champagne.


Each guest who earned at least 100 contribution points will receive rewards. The reward is given based on the ranking of the players. The first prize is for the Nos. 1-8, second prize Nos. 9-18 and the third prize is for everyone after Nos. 18 as long as they can earn 100 contribution points.

Complete instructions and images are from Perfect World PH official site

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