Friday, September 17, 2010

Yao Jing: bazouKis™

As I have promised, I will talk about different races in Perfect World. Note that this is based on my experience with my OWN character, so bear with me.

She's not a Playboy model. Click to view her beauty

This is bazouKis™, a level 100 Yao Jing (Venomancer/Summoner). This is a pre-owned character bought by my boyfriend. He liked it at first but gave it to me since he knows I love mages and being a Yao Jing is one of my dreams (in-game of course)

Mastery: Wood Element

Yao Jing's excels at summoning countless numbers of insects to attack an opponent.

This character class can tame and summon monsters.

Yao Jing can turn into a fox, enabling her to attack opponents head on with powerful debuffing spells.

Yao Jing: Fox form under the sea

As a Yao Jing, your roles during raids are

1) Lure the boss. BOSS not his sidekicks lurking around the corner.
2) Cast an "Injure" skill to the boss
3) Pass "Chi" to whoever needs it from your party.

Since YJ's can transform from human to fox, they have a faster walking/running speed compared to other classes. Specially for the Diabolic YJ's when Dark Call of the Fox is learned, the Movement Speed can increase up to 60%. In BazouKis™'s case, her basic Mspd is 5.1 m/sec but when she goes in fox form it will increase to 9.9 m/sec.

YJ's normally are INT type, some are STR type, some are DEX type. Baz's build is a mixture of INT and DEX type. The advantage? Hmmmm. During duels vs Melee I'm much tougher when they get near me. The disadvantage is during duels with Mages, since I'm not a pure INT YJ my magic defense is not that high as compared to other YJ's.

Regardless of your build, it's how you master executing the right skills at the right time and that's where the fun begins.

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