Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kitchen Experiment : Chicken Aloha!

Since I'm stuck in the house for five...yes 5 days I decided to do something productive in our kitchen. Despite lack of sleep because of a hunt session in Perfect World, I woke up early and cooked Chicken Aloha. 

Chicken Aloha, if I understood it right is just Chicken Adobo with Pineapple. Pineapple = Hawaii = Aloha? Anyway, the thing that we must appreciate with the one who invented the Adobo recipe is its simplicity. The ingredients, cooking time is ideal for a beginner or even a kitchen pro.


Chicken, pineapple tidbits (reserve the syrup), ground pepper, garlic, vinegar, soysauce. Simple right?

Cooking Time!

First thing you need to do is marinate the chicken in pineapple syrup, garlic, ground pepper, vinegar, soysauce for 30 mins. I guess marinating it for an hour is better.

Let bodies hit the floor...errr marinade

Cook the chicken in oil until brown. Gawd the aroma is mouth-watering maybe because of the marinade.

Add the marinade, simmer it for a few minutes then add the Aloha..este pineapples

Eating Time!!!!!

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  1. You should also try cooking chicken...marinade in Rice Wine. Then, put some liverspread and pineapples on it.