Sunday, September 19, 2010

Game Fashion: Leopard Print

One of the things I like in Perfect World  is the ability to wear normal clothes instead of armors. It gives the player the ability to personalize characters according to their mood or fashion sense. Last Sept 16, 2010 Perfect World released their new fashion sets - Leopard Print (F) and Studded Leather (M). There's also the first headgear fashions: Sunglasses (M) and Headband (F).

Leopard Set - Image taken from PerfectWorldPH FB Page

Personally, I don't usually buy the whole set. I like to mix and match clothes. Here's one of the combination I made. I only bought the cargo pants out of the Leopard Print Set then paired it up with a swimsuit top, workout shoes and cool lotus wristbands.

My own mix :D Click for better resolution
I didn't bought the headband, it's way too overpriced for such a small item. Costs around Php200 ($4.52), even more expensive that the clothes itself. I'm really disappointed how they priced it. Oh well, at least I'm still happy like other players who are fashionistas since PerfectWorld keeps on updating the fashion trends.

Watch out for the other fashions I'll be featuring.

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