Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Baking in Baking Life?

Baking Life is like any other Facebook application created by Zip Zap Play. If you are familiar with Cafe World, Restaurant City, Baking Life is similar to them but this time it's purely pastries. One thing that I like in Baking Life  is that you don't have to worry about the performance of your employees and you don't have to block the door if you want to close your bakery (I'll explain more about this later)

Apparently, Baking Life is one of the FB applications that Amity Clan is addicted to. I dunno who among them started this craze but one of them made a point. Unlike Farmville, Baking Life won't take too much of your time. Among the other games related to cooking/management stuff, you can sleep or logout without worrying if your "business" is going down the drain.

The menu ranged between 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, to 22 hours and days. Seriously, just by looking at the pastries it makes me crave for them. Take a look!

If you want to level faster, bake pastries that will give you most exp on given time. If you want to be richer to be able to purchase the decor and stuffs you want, go for the dish that gives most income rate.

Nah. Just kidding. If you let the pastry burn you won't get any experience and no profit. In case the dish is burnt, there is a prompt to restore it by purchasing/using a Facebook credit. Your goodies will burn 1.2 times as fast as they took to bake. That means if you cook (in example), Tres Leches Cake which takes 60 minutes at 1 AM, then it will be burnt if you don't get them by 3:12 AM. (So don't cook in the wee hours in the morning) 
The good news is cupcakes doesn't burnt no matter how long you left them on the ovens! Woohoo!

One case to display one type of pastry. The servings are unlimited, just like in Cafe World so it can even go beyond 30k! However it's a different case for cupcakes. One display case can only contain up to 4 cupcakes and no more. 

The display cases looks cool too! 


Hype is buzz rating ranged from 15 to 220. The more customers you are able to serve the higher your Hype rating will go.

One happy customer adds 0.2 hype

One angry customer takes out 2 hype

Customers will get angry if they waited too long. Why? Because the cashier and waiters are uber slow! That's why we need some tricks with the layout.

When you don't have anything on display yet or you won't be logging into the game you may switch off the Open/Close sign outside your bakery. However, your ovens will still be baking even when you closed your bakery.

close open, close open
Like Cafe World, Restaurant City you can decorate your bakery according to your sense of style. You can buy things by clicking the appliances or decor button. Either way, it will get you to the same window with tabs. Decoration will give you STYLE points. If you have higher STYLE points, you'll also get a STYLE BONUS. 

You can style your bakery all the way from ovens to floor decor.

If you are logged in Baking Life for quite sometime, eventually you will get a pop out "Lost Puppy" or "Lost Kitten". If you click Help, it will be posted on your Facebook wall for your friends to adopt. (So, you can also watch out for your friends' news feed too!)

You can adopt animals as many as you want to. These puppy and kittens will significantly boost your Style points specially if you're just beginning to improve your bakery and low in budget.


Block the display cases. You can either use Stanchion/oven/walls or anything. Just block it to save time for your uber slow waiters and cashiers.

Jez's Bakery

Trap the cashier. Same purpose with blocking the cases, to SAVE TIME.

Block the ovens. So you don't have to wander around the ovens while clicking as usual to SAVE TIME.

Chairs and Tables 
The standard rule is more tables, more temporary workers.

1-4 tables = 1 waiter
5-8 tables = 2 waiters
9-12 tables = 3 waiters

One chair per table. Customers and crew can walk through chairs but not tables.

Place the door near the cashiers.

The ticking clock above the customers heads will automatically start after they set foot on your bakery. So, if you put your door far from your cash registry, the customers can start waiting while they're still walking.
Buy ovens before decorating
! More ovens, greater chance to level up faster.


Max expansion is 15 x 15 squares. Every two expansion will require a temporary worker. To expand, click on the grass tile outside your bakery and click "expand". It will prompt you to ask help from your friends once it's posted in your FB wall. 


You can earn extra coins if you will offer coffee. There are three machines you can build to earn extra income. Coffee machine, Decaf, Tea Machine. You can build the machines by asking parts from your Facebook friends. 
You can search for coffee,decaf,tea bags from your neighbors every 12 hours.


You will badly need your friends help with this. If there's a temporary worker, he will get percentage of your income.
Like in real life, your friends gets promoted too! from a sweeper to a cashier.

Happy baking everyone!

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