Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dusk Adventures: Chapter 1: Soul-Calming Hymn

Basically, if you want good equipments for your character Dusk Palace is the best place you can hunt materials for your armors, weapons, accessories. You can either go there in Solo Mode or Party Mode which can give you better materials to craft your goodies. For you to open the instance, you need Thousand Machine Parts (TMP).

Since Jez and I have our own Tideborn characters a Wu Shi (~TequiLa~) and Xi Shou (blaklabel) which are both level 77 now, we decided to make them a level 80 set. I guess, my Yu Ling was deprived of this set when she was still a lowbie so I'm giving all the luxuries to Teq.

So to give you a background how it looks like in Dusk 1-3 (Chapter 1: Soul-Calming Hymn - Valiant), here are the screenshots.

To begin with, here's the map of Dusk Palace. I dunno but for some reason it's no use at all since you can't find your exact location in the map (all maps on dungeons are like that, so I don't get what the map is for if you have to guess which part of the place you are)

Hall of Dusk

Here's Battle Soul, no yellow mats but Ghostly Golden Mirror can usually be looted from this boss. Ghostly Golden Mirror is used for creating level 80 goodies.
Yao Jing: Injure Skill
And here's Ancient's one hell of a snake. Yao Jings' need to lure the boss out from the room since there are exploding mobs that fill the room. The rare boss drop is called Ancient Serpent Soul. It's used for creating better level 80 armor sets compared to the green one.

Ancient Snake: One hell of Snake
There's another boss. Battle Armor, but I forgot to take a screenshot. Like the Ancient Snake it can also drop a yellow mat called Spirit of Golden Armor. It's used for crafting a level 80 weapon which is said to be better than an ordinary level 80 weapon.

So that's Dusk 1-3 for now. More information on my future posts.

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